April Desk Review, A Brief Overview

[A] What is the April Desk Review?

Taking place from the 5th to the 8th of April, the Desk Review is the first step forward in getting the Zaroorat Data Project moving. As is the case in any desk review, the main objective of our time here in Calais is to identify the gaps in information and data collection. Who is collecting and communicating what information between NGOs and camp residents? By what means and how often? Once we are able to collaborate with organisations and residents to identify the gaps in information and communication, we can begin focusing the goal of the Zaroorat Data Project. It has been four months since we were last in Calais so a clear understanding of the changes and developments is crucial.

After the April Desk Review, the Zaroorat Data Project is set to return to Calais in June and July for (a) an on-the-ground assessment survey; (b) focus group discussion and key informant interviews; and (c) an analysis and communication of collected information.

[B] An Elaboration of our April Desk Review Objectives – for the curious

(1)To assess what information is already existent, sufficient, and up to date about humanitarian needs and a demographic profile.

  • Humanitarian Needs: who needs what and who can supply it? e.g. health, sanitation, shelter, legal advice, food.
  • Demographic Profile: with a particular focus on who they are (e.g. gender, age, place of origin and place of displacement, protection concerns, cause(s) and patterns of displacement)

(2)To review and determine geographic ‘zones’.

  • An up-to-date map of the Calais camp
  • Identify communities and zones. This information will be helpful for when we return in July: representative sampling per geographic location.

(3)To identify NGOs and community members, and establish a relationship.

  • Map and track who is doing what, where, and when – which NGOs are delivering what aid, to who, and when/how often.
  • Develop relationships with community members (incl. NGOs and government agencies) and hold key informant interviews.
  • Meet and discuss ways in which to establish and maintain coordination with all actors.

Blog post written by Jae June.


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