Zaroorat Data Project, a brief overview

Written By Jae June Lee.

By liaising closely with refugees and displaced persons, the goal of the Zaroorat Data Project is to communicate their specific humanitarian needs to aid organisations and to empower change-makers with the information they need to improve aid delivery and services.The proposal for the Davis Peace Project grant was drafted in February, a desk review was conducted in April, and the next three weeks spanning from the 20th June to the 10th July mark the main stage of data project – implementation.

Our initial plan of action was was three-fold: a Ground Assessment Survey; Focus Group Discussion and Key Informant Interviews; an Analysis and Communication of Survey Results. In our April Desk Review we identified an important development and one key difficulty; namely, the creation and implementation of a Ground Assessment Survey gathering information about humanitarian needs and demographic information by L’Auberge des Migrants, and a difficulty to store this information in a way that it can be efficiently analyzed and shared with other organisations.

As a result of these findings, the initial plan of action has been updated to reflect the changing realities on the ground. Arriving on the 20th June, the Zaroorat project team will collaborate with L’Auberge des Migrants to discuss ways in which the existing Ground Assessment Surveys can be improved and expanded using tablets and data collection aggregation and analysis tools. This will be the first section of the project. The second section will consist of working with other departments within L’Auberge and with other aid organisations in Calais to strengthen communication lines, empowering change-makers with the information and data-sharing they need to improve the delivery of their aid and services.





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