Day 2 – Testing the Software in the Field

Written by Chris T.

After a morning workout and energetic start to the day, the team head out to the warehouse excited to first test the survey software (kobo) in the field. After a sample survey form had been designed, two of our team members started inputting responses into the survey. When collecting information on the needs of individual shelters in the camp, they would record what the needs where based on a standardized survey. In the second part of the day, we all came back to the warehouse to pack the individual orders for each shelter. After it was packed, we head back out into the camp to deliver the aid to the shelters that requested it. However, we did not use the Kobo for the second part of the day.

Some of the issues that arose that needed to be considered were:

  • How would we use Kobo in the packing phase?

  • How would we use Kobo in the distribution phase?

  • We still had to figure out how the shelters would be mapped into the software to allow for a more efficient delivery and data collection process.

  • Could we incorporate a way to check the stock in and out?

After arriving back to the house, we discussed how we would address the earlier concerns as follows:

  • As for how to use Kobo in the packing and distribution phases, we would have to test it out in the field in one of the following days. However, we could only do that once the form is accurate enough to resemble the current system on paper.

  • As for how to map the shelters on the form through GPS, we would figure it out as soon as our team member who was looking into technological solutions would find something.

We then went over what needed to be done in the next days to move forward which included:

  • We had to further discuss whether we would and how we would go about incorporating a way to check the stock in and out.

  • We had to reach out to other NGOs to schedule meeting with them to start getting work done with them as well.

In brief, our first day testing Kobo (the software) was successful by showing us much more of what needed to be worked on and investigated further.

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