Day 5 – Missed food and shelters

Moving accommodation, Kobo locating missed shelters.

Written by Tudor Etchells

Everybody understand how difficult it is moving house, but one would think it would be easier if you have only packed for 3 weeks. However, as Katrine, Chris and Tudor left for L’Auberge des Migrants warehouse in the morning we forget our whole bag of food. Although the original plan was for Christoph and JaeJun to go directly to the camp to begin mapping with Kobo, they saved the day (and our stomachs) and brought the food to the warehouse.

This turned out for the better as it could allow them to begin tweaking the exact needs assessment form used by the Mobile Distribution Unit at L’Auberge des Migrants on the Kobo application. This included modifying how data, such as number of items was entered on the form, and how the form could take orders for larger community kitchens. It was important that the necessary tweaks to were made as soon as possible so as to allow the form to continue to be piloted throughout the week. It was acknowledged from the start that a large amount of what theoretically may work with the application, may not work so straightforwardly in the camp.

An example of such practical difficulties is when we visited shelters and tents to conduct a needs assessment, only to find that the residents were not inside. This shelter would then  become a ‘Missed Shelter’ which is recorded on a separate list. These tents are revisited only when the other shelters within that section of the camp have had their needs assessed and delivered. Day 5 was such a day when Katrine, Chris and Tudor continued working with the Mobile Distribution Unit to  search for these missed shelters.

The shelters within a section are marked with a section number, however the individual number of the tent follows no coherent order. Thus, when the Mobile Distribution Unit went out to find these missed shelters it was a struggle to find their exact location navigating through the 150 + shelters that were are so closely packed together in the section.

Alas, this is where the Kobo application would come into its own. When the needs assessment takes place, one could fill in the missed shelter form on Kobo and mark the location of the shelter using the GPS function. That would mean when it came around to revisiting the missed shelters to conduct the needs assessment it could be completed more effectively: the service providers could allocate a number of people to a single section where a collection of missed shelters are, and the individuals on the ground could easily find this shelter that had been plotted on the Kobo map.

At the end of the day, the missed shelters were found, but unfortunately the bag of food was now left at the warehouse and we had no application to inform us that we had left food behind. However, we were joined by our newest member Agathe who had travelled from Paris that day and who was greeted at the new accommodation with an array vegetables roasted by JaeJun, coated with honey and mustard dressing crafted by Christoph.

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