Day 6 – Rest Day! Or Not…

Since we planned to take Sunday off, one would expect to be sleeping till noon and relaxing all day. Well, that was not the case for Zaroorat.

With a late alarm set at 9 a.m, half of the team woke up and head straight to camp to start mapping it out. Today was the first day we started mapping out the shelters in the camp. After the other half of the team was ready, they also joined in to map the camp.

The camp is divided into multiple sections (that differ depending on the organization). The map we are using divides that camp into 12 main sections. By the end of the day, we had mapped 2 full sections and gotten started on another: section 1N, section 2N, and started on section 3N as seen below on the map.

Area map

By using Kobo to map the camp, we are able to add every shelter in the camp on a comprehensive map by writing their individual tent numbers down and plotting its GPS coordinates.

As the day came to an end, we started to visualize how achievable this task was and were motivated to carry out the rest of the mapping in the coming days.

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