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By liasing closely with refugees and displaced persons in the Calais refugee camp, our goal is to communicate their specific humanitarian needs to aid organisations and to empower change-makers with the information they need to improve aid delivery and services.

Proposed Action:

To help organizations improve their aid response strategies, this projects is seeks to (a) collect and (b) communicate key information about the humanitarian needs of refugees in the camp through the implementation of a formal framework of needs assessment. The pattern of information resulting from regular needs assessments will be a basic indicator for (c) appraising the effectiveness of humanitarian aid delivery.The project team will interview at least 30 individuals per group of 600. Information will be provided electronically to the NGOs to support their work.

A. Desk Review (Begins March 18): Team will liaise with NGOs to assess existing current information. Determine geographic locations. Contact by email prior to going to Calais.

B. On-the-Ground Assessment Survey (June 20–July 10):

  • Acquire needs assessment data by survey on tablets by volunteers, stored online and in cloud. Train permanent volunteers and inhabitants to continue surveys.
  • Divide camp into sections and survey at least 30 people per 600 refugees. Samples are made representative by averaging data and cross-referencing with basic profile data.
  • Query the following needs:
    • Basic Needs: health, food, water, safety, sanitation, shelter, legal advice.
    • Basic Profile: origin, gender, age, religion, time in camp, family members.
  • Provide tablets to trained volunteers ensures surveys can be repeated.

C. Focus Group Discussion and Key Informant Interviews (June 20–July 4):

  • Focus group discussions assess outcomes and provide understanding of refugee needs. Issues to include legal assistance, privacy, security and safety, distribution methods.
  • Interviews with selected leaders/heads of organizations who may hold key information.

D. Analysis and Communication of Survey Results (July 10–July 20)

  • Information will be shared regularly by blog, social media and email subscription.
Who We Are
Core Team:
Jae June Lee, Shyamli Badgaiyan, Chris Tabet, Christoph Trost, Tudor Etchells.
Key members:
Salsabeel Khan, Agathe Madeline, Padmini Gopal
Zaroorat Data Project is funded by the Davis ‘Projects for Peace’. Special thanks to Kris Caldwell, Lisa Swaim, Meg Galipault, Meghan Mason, and Terry Karpinski at Kenyon College for their support.